Panasonic CF-Y5LWEZZBM
Panasonic CF-Y5LWEZZBM

Panasonic CF-Y5LWEZZBM Review

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Where I? This page describe about Panasonic CF-Y5LWEZZBM laptop. You can see review, related models, specs. You can find parts and CF-Y5LWEZZBM drivers.

Manufacturer: Panasonic
Screen Size: 14.1 inches
Processor Options: 1.66 GHz
System Memory: 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Disk Capacity: 60 GB
Weight: 700 hundredths-pounds
Width: 12.2 inches


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About Panasonic CF-Y5LWEZZBM

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Powerful integrated processor provides quick and stable work of this item. The Panasonic laptop turns on and off in a few seconds. An opportunity to handle multitasking on this machine is a great advantage. Roomy hard disk drive allows to store unlimited number of audio and video files.

Panasonic keyboard is very comfortable. The keyboard keys are very big and soft. Typing on this keyboard is very pleasant. The machine works very quietly. The responsive touchpad is another plus of this Latest laptop. Bright and colorful display gives users and opportunity to enjoy watching their favorite movies.

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